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Caribou females have antler which develop during the later stage of their life: Height & Weight: Male Elks have height about 1.5m and females have height about 1.3m at shoulders, they have average weight in between 220 to 350 kgs. Caribous have height average in between 33 inches to 60 inches a shoulder, and have average weight of around 100 to.

Average weight of a caribou.
The Peary caribou is a light-coloured Arctic subspecies of caribou. It is the smallest of the caribou/reindeer subspecies, reaching a shoulder height of only about 90 cm (3 ft.).
This section of the caribou has the most bone density, and the stripped bone probably weighed about 60 pounds. Since I get a lot of sausage made I can’t offer up a good after processing weight. However, with about 50/50 pork to bou sausage mix this years caribou was about 100 pounds of meat minus the shot out front legs.
Weights Of Different Types Of Moose: Ussurian moose – 440-770 pounds (199-349 kg) Chukotka moose – 1,100-1,595 pounds (498-723 kg) Eastern moose – 595-805 pounds (269-365 kg)

In both fable and fact, caribou — or reindeer, as they are known when domesticated — are renowned for their long-distance travels. In Christmas lore, an intrepid team of these hooved animals pulls Santa Claus and his sleigh full of presents around the world in a single night. In real life, caribou cover hundreds or thousands of miles along their annual migration routes, in search of.
Antlers of males weigh an average of 17 pounds and can reach 29 pounds! 5 A dynamic population The Western Arctic Herd is one of the largest caribou herds in Alaska and the world. In 2003, the herd was estimated to have 490,000 individuals, 6 and in 2016, the herd count decreased to 201,000. 7 Caribou populations naturally fluctuate on 40-70.
In late fall, caribou are clove brown-colored with a white neck, rump, and feet, and they often have a whitish flank stripe. Weights of adult bulls average 350 – 400 lbs (159 – 182 kg). Mature females average 175 – 225 lbs (80 – 120 kg). The dressed weight of a 400-lb (181-kg) caribou is about 240 (109 kg) lbs.

The barren-ground caribou is a medium-sized caribou, smaller and lighter-coloured than the boreal woodland caribou, with the females weighing around 90 kg (200 lb) and the males around 150 kg (330 lb). However, on some of the smaller islands, the average weight may be less.
The Oufitter Caribou Lite 6.5 tips the scales at just over 1,100 pounds dry. That’s considerably above the “stock” 850-pound weight of the camper, but the demands of our extended travel plans—and tips from other pop-up owners—necessitated certain structural modifications and the addition of critical options that bumped up the weight.
Caribou make one of the world’s great large-animal migrations. As summer approaches, they head north along well-trod annual routes. Some herds may travel more than 600 miles to get to their summer.

Their size and weight varies by sex and region. For example, caribou are fairly small in northern Alaska. Males average about 275 to 375 pounds, females about 200 pounds. In southern Alaska, caribou are considerably larger — males average 400 to 600 pounds and females average 200 to 300 pounds. How long do caribou keep their antlers?
The weight of a horse can average anywhere between 900lb and 2000lbs depending on the breed and the shape of the horse. It is fair to say that an in-shape Quarter Horse weighs less than a Percheron. In general, the bigger the horse, the higher the number on the scale.
The weight of adult bulls average 300 to 350 pounds or more. Alaskan Caribou in Northern Alaska are generally smaller than Alaska Caribou in the Interior and in Southern parts of the state. Calving occurs in mid to late May in Interior Alaska and in early June in Northern and Southwestern Alaska.

Male caribou begin to mate around the age of 1.5 years. Average weight/measurements. Average weight is (400 lbs)(180 kg) for males; (300 lbs)(135 kg) for females. Height of about (3.5 – 4 ft)(1.05 – 1.2 m). Antlers may spread up to (5 ft)(1.5 m) wide. Notes: Caribou are the only genus of the deer family where both sexes are antlered.
From: caribou guide 14-Aug-09 JR. is close on the weight of a mature bull on the hoof, but u will only get about 70 to 80 lbs. of meat to take out the thigh,s are approx. 25lbs.each the shoulders are 12lbs. and the back straps are about 10lbs. and thats a big one.
The woodland caribou mating season is from early to mid-October. If successful the offspring is born in early June. Woodland caribou carry one calf at a time. The average size of a caribou is four to five feet at the shoulder. The average weight of a caribou is anywhere from 240 to 700 lbs. Caribou are considered to be an endangered species.

Page 26 of the 2007-2008 Alaska hunting regualtions has a chart that shows approximate weight. For caribou is hows live weight at 500 pounds, carcass at 300 and boned out carcass at 171 pounds. I think they are a little heavy. A really big bull may go that high but most won’t go over 150. Actually, they get heavier as the pack out gets longer.
In late fall, caribou are clove-brown with a white neck, rump, and feet and often have a white flank stripe. The hair of newborn calves ranges from dark, chocolate brown to reddish brown. Newborn calves weigh an average of 13 pounds (6 kg) and grow very quickly. They may double their weight in 10-15 days.
The average weight of the boneless meat from a whole elk can only be around 270 pounds for a bull and at least 90 pounds for a cow. So, as hunters, we are not really concerned about the elk’s total weight, rather, we seek to know it so that we can approximate how much meat we can pack out on one kill.

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